Glenmar can manufacture using a wide variety of metals.


Carbon steel is best for basic structural components and provides a good average level of strength, though can be less hard wearing.

Glenmar makes many steel components for truck suspension and air conditioning parts.

Low carbon steel is a basic but strong metal, which is easy to weld to other materials.

High carbon steel provides much higher mechanical properties which means that the items can be used in situations that call for these properties – usually higher stress applications like truck suspensions, couplings.  The low carbon steel just would not provide strength required in these instances

Alloy steel is used for higher performance properties delivering greater tensile and yield strength and elongation properties

Glenmar manufactures castings in alloy steel as wear parts in ground engagement tools for agriculture, excavation and mining equipment where greater durability and strength is required.

Stainless steel has the added benefit of corrosion resistance.

Glenmar produces stainless steel castings for air-conditioning units, which are installed close to the sea.


Grey or cast iron is a lower cost product than steel as it is more easily poured at lower temperatures. However, it tends to be weaker than other ferrous metals so is used for simple, low cost applications where strength is not critical such as bearing housings.

Ductile iron, also known as SGI iron, is created by a process, which adds manganese to achieve better properties. SGI iron is used in the automotive industry. The material has better elongation properties than cast iron so has been used for clamps in the agricultural industry.


Aluminium is used where lightweight is important without the requirement for strength of iron or steel.

Glenmar produces parts in a range of grades, malleability, strength and price to meet mechanical properties specified by the customer

We produce aluminium parts such as flanges, parts for air-conditioning units and hubcaps

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