At Glenmar, we can deliver a broad range of our customers’ requirements and offer a seamless and quality controlled service.

This extensive manufacturing capability matches our customers’ specifications to the right materials, processes and grades, to produce a vast range of products, performance properties, sizes, weights and costs.

Metals: We produce components in carbon, alloy and stainless steels as well as grey and ductile iron (SGI), aluminum and other metals.

Processes: We offer investment casting of high and low precision, and sand and die casting, as well as forging and further finishing processes, assembly and custom fabrication.

Partner Network: We access the wide range of capability in our own specialist steel foundry and expand this with our partner network throughout China and Asia.

Our partner subcontractor facilities expand our capability to all grades of steel forging and a broad range of iron and Aluminium casting.

Processes Used

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