Casting is most often used for making complex shapes that would be otherwise difficult or uneconomical to make by other methods.

We offer several casting processes, including:

  • investment casting of high and moderate precision
  • green, resin and waterglass sandcasting
  • low and high-pressure die-casting depending on the accuracy requirements of our customer.

Casting is the ideal process when needing flexibility in design for parts, which have complex shapes and need precise tolerances and a good surface finish. Casting is best for medium to high volumes of units manufactured.

We cast in our 2 x 400kg Furnaces with additional furnaces planned to be operating later in 2017.

Foundry Equipment

  • Automatic wax injection machine
  • Semi-automatic shell line
  • Moulded shell roasting resistance furnace 18000 * 2300 * 1670
  • Fast-medium frequency induction furnaces
  • Track shot blasting machine
  • Double hook shot blasting machine
  • Hydraulic forming machines


  • Our foundry has a treatment plant to clean wastewater so it can be safely discharged. We recycle the wax from the investment casting and comply with local government green policies.
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