Some of the industries we serve


Glenmar manufactures tips and wear parts for broadacre ploughing equipment to meet the demands of Australia’s extensive cropping industry for tips and knives suited to all soil types, crop types and farm management systems.


Glenmar produces cast steel and iron components for the heavy vehicle manufacturing and the spare part industries in Europe and Australia producing parts such as suspension components and couplings.

Automotive manufacturing requires high quality casting, which follows exact processes and produces precise parts and complex shapes with tight tolerances and does this consistently for every order. We have been a respected and stable supplier to international customers for over 25 years. This, in itself is a strong indicator of our capability and quality adherence.

Ground Engagement/Excavation

Glenmar also manufacturers parts for ground engagement equipment for industries such as construction, excavation and mining.

We supply a range of original parts to these manufacturers, as well as replacement parts to wholesalers and retailers. Examples include, teeth for augers blades for buckets and componentry for hubs, housings and brackets.

We started supplying in Australia where construction and mining are large industries. As several customers have expanded into international markets, we have grown with them to continue to supply in their new markets.

Air Conditioning

We can produce casting for lightweight components for industrial airconditioning.

Large industrial air-conditioning units are a specialised product. We supply cast aluminium elbows and parts of water jacket components. Not only do we provide the high level of casting required, but also special serrated machine finishing and specialised pressure and nitrogen testing.

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