Glenmar China Team

Glenmar Litai Foundary in Jinhua

Mr Liu – General Manager

Mr Liu is responsible for the total management of the Steel Foundry and effective management of the production process.

Glenmar China – Hangzhou

Ms Liu  – Account Manager

Joy is responsible for finance and accounts.

Glenmar China – Quality and Technical Support

Mr Paul Jiang – Technical Manager

Paul is responsible for the technical support and reviewing the performance of the factories. He controls the technical specifications, oversees the quality of production in the factory and coordinates the supply chain with the Hong Kong team.

Mr Le – Inspection Engineer – Ningbo

Mr Le leads the inspection team in Ningbo and manages the inspection at the partner factories located in South China.

Mr Sun – Inspection Engineer – North China

Mr Sun is responsible for inspection of the partner factories located in North China.

The inspection engineers run all aspects of the technical and quality process and outputs. They specify the technical aspects of the items and production, set the quality inspection criteria and manage the inspection team. They also focus on continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes.

Quality Inspection Team – Ningbo

Ms Zhang

Mr Zhan

Mr Shao

These team members report to Mr Le and are responsible for inspections from different factories located in China. They batch test a sample quantity for every production run in the Glenmar factory.

Phil KarslakeGlenmar China