The Glenmar Advantage

Glenmar provides an experienced and reliable global sourcing platform for your offshore metal component production

We cast, forge, machine finish and assemble metal components in steel, iron, aluminum and other metals.

We deliver best value, quality metal components with on time delivery and a seamless and personalised customer service.

Glenmar is not an agent. Our Glenmar Advantage is the outcome of our 25 year experience serving international customers, owning a foundry, personal commitment and our integrated ‘on the ground’ processes and skilled teams.

“ A global business with boots on the ground in China”

  • Manufacturing Scope: With our network of trusted partner facilities across Asia, we have the ability to produce a broad scope of manufacturing and fabrication options.
  • Personal customer service: We offer personalised customer service – going the extra mile, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Quality Control: Our team of engineers and quality inspectors and proven control systems consistently deliver quality products.
  • Best Value: Our customers can securely access low cost China casting manufacturing through our expertise and facilities.
  • On time logistics: Our dedicated customer service, shipping and project management team in Hong Kong ensure your on-time delivery.
  • Design and Engineering: We offer a full service from design, sample development and engineering to production, finishing, inspection and shipping.
  • China Expertise: Our 25-year expertise in China manufacturing and owned facilities provides you the benefit of best value and reduces your risk, time and work.
  • Global Support: You can discuss your requirements face to face with our directors and sales representatives in USA, UK, Europe and Australasia.

Whatever end product, you require we seamlessly manage the process, end-to-end.

Phil KarslakeThe Glenmar Advantage