Partner Network

Our well established network of partner facilities expand the range of manufacturing and finishing capabilities to complement our own facility, which enables us to offer a broader scope of services to our customers.

We match our customers’ specifications to the right materials, processes and grades and if required to specialised partner manufacturing or finishing facilities, which enables us to supply a vast range of products, performance properties, sizes, weights and costs.

Much more than just third party sourcing, we have built up successful relationships over 25 years into a well functioning and trusted network of partners who look forward to repeat business.

Our partner subcontractor facilities provide additional casting and added value finishing processes including:

  • Precision and commercial investment casting, sand and die casting
  • Steel, iron and aluminum
  • Machining, finishing and assembly

Our engineers set up a manufacturing Control Plan, which includes an inspection plan and interact closely with the facility to inspect and validate the production.

Process Glenmar Litai Foundry Partner Facilities
Manufacture Investment casting – precision and commercial in high and low carbon Steel, Alloy and Stainless Steel Forging
In high and low carbon Steel and Alloy Steel
Die Casting In Aluminium
Sand casting – in high and low carbon Steel, Alloy and Stainless Steel Sand casting in cast or grey, SGI and Ductile iron and Aluminium
Machining and finishing NC Lathes CNC Machining
NC Milling Machines Conventional Machining
Drills Plasma cutting
Tungsten brazing Semi automatic welding
Vulcanizing Rubber Spot welding
Quality testing Chemical testing X-ray
Mechanical testing MPT Magnetic Particle Testing
Dimensional testing Pressure testing
Visual testing CMM
Phil KarslakePartner network