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Global Purchasing Manager

Glenmar is a very, very good company. They are my favorite supplier.  Their service is fabulous!! And it’s very personal. I can go straight to the top. I know and trust them. They are top blokes and they follow stuff up. Excellent responsiveness. Instant!

Glenmar manage the China process well and provide the Australia interface which is what I prefer. I trust that they know what they are doing. They are actual manufacturers not just sourcers.

Global Purchasing Manager, Australian heavy equipment manufacture

Phil KarslakeGlobal Purchasing Manager
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Tim and Geoff, they’re great guys, I’ve used them for 15 years and they give me good price, personal service and they know the system; ordering, shipping, payment that I like and need. It’s convenient and the process works

Owner, US manufacturing supplier of components

Phil KarslakeOwner
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Purchasing Manager

Glenmar are good. Problems can sometimes happen but they immediately take care of it and look for solutions

Purchasing Manager, European Automotive company

Phil KarslakePurchasing Manager
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Costing Coordinator

The product and service are very good and they are very rarely late. They are easy to do business with.

Costing Coordinator, Large UK Automotive manufacture

Phil KarslakeCosting Coordinator
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