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Geoff Stebbins

In my role as Director of Operations of the Glenmar group of companies, my passion is in process improvement and seeing clients obtain a competitive advantage in the products that we help develop and manufacture.

We are committed to investing in our plant, team, partners and systems to supply to global standards of quality, consistency and value.

My background before joining Glenmar in 1997 was in completing a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, a Bachelor of Laws and working at Rio Tinto. Once at Glenmar, I commenced as an Engineer and progressed through to Engineering Manager and on to Co-owner and Director.


Phil KarslakeGeoff Stebbins
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Tim Worsam

What motivates me at Glenmar is developing products that really satisfy and assist our customers. I love it when they tell me that Glenmar has given them an advantage that helped to grow their business. That’s when I know that we really are doing our job properly.

My focus as director of Sales and Marketing is to continue to grow and evolve our service to our current customers who trust us to supply an expanded range of products. I also aim to prove our capability with new customers in global markets, showing what we can do for their business based on previous work and capability.

Coming from an accounting and auditing background I joined Glenmar in 1998 and have worked in both customer management and operations. This has allowed me to understand all aspects of the domestic and international business for over seventeen years, so I believe I can find the right solution for our customers.

As Co-owner and Director, I am committed to growing your business so we prosper together’.


Phil KarslakeTim Worsam
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