Industry Overview

We can supply diverse industries because offer a broad scope of metal manufacturing processes.

Glenmar’s wide and extensive range of casting and forging processes supply industries as diverse as automotive, agriculture, mining and excavation, construction and engineering electrical, transport, conveyor systems, construction and engineering, high voltage power transmissions and materials processing and handling,

Flexibility, Scope and Control

Glenmar is quite different from many other manufacturers, who may be specialised in a particular process or industry. We serve a wide range of customers in many industries. This is made possible by the integration of several factors:

  • Global face-to-face client service to understand customer requirements
  • Proven experience in supplying diverse industries over many years
  • Our owned manufacturing foundry extended with the diverse facilities of our trusted partner network
  • Integrated quality processes and an overarching Control Plan
  • Coordination project management and logistics from Hong Kong
Phil KarslakeIndustry Overview