Glenmar Industries is a family business with over 25 years successfully supplying customers with cast and forged metal components manufactured in China

“ Glenmar Industries started in the 1980’s when my father Russell Stebbins began sourcing tools from China for the Australian market. He steadily expanded the range by sourcing castings for customers in international markets in Europe and USA.

To develop the growing business, Russell involved the family – with his wife Melva running the business administration and his son Geoff (Stebbins) responsible for engineering and managing operations. As the business expanded, Tim Worsam joined as co-director and has continued to manage the rapid growth and maintain the high level of customer sales and service that is the foundation of the business.

We have now built a team of business development managers in Australia, UK and USA to support our customers with face-to-face contact and enable a wider range of products to be manufactured

We have established a Hong Kong regional office specifically to focus on coordinating logistics and customer service and be the global connection between our customers, sales, quality and production.

All through our growth we have maintained the highest level of personal contact and built genuine business relationships with our customers to ensure we meet their needs for every order.

We now have a global customer business, which offers a broad and integrated manufacturing service with a broad range of products, metals, casting and forging processes.

We continue to invest in our future; building new furnaces, greater capacity, the addition of tracking technology and continuous improvement in processes, quality and customer service systems.”

Geoff and Tim

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